That’s right, nobody asked me, I just saw an opportunity to use some skills I missed using (web design) and mix them with my desire to learn more about button collecting. That was in 2018. I had only attended 3 or 4 local button club meetings and my very first show, so I knew little about button collecting clubs. The thing I was sure of though was I  wouldn’t be perfect being the NYSBS webmaster. I would need to learn while doing – not only the web part but about the NYSBS.  For example, I designed the website with tones of green and then was told it needed to be purple!  Why? Well, that’s the society’s color! When I was told the theme for the 2019 NYSBS Show would be “The Children’s Hour,” I didn’t understand what THAT had to do with button collecting. I learned that the theme can be anything that inspires collectors to categorize their buttons in unique ways.  

In March of 2019, Kathy Arbogast was ready to give up being the editor of the NYSBS Bulletin and I raised my hand for that position too.  Again, it was about utilizing skills I missed using (newsletter design and editing) and my desire to keep learning about button collecting. This was an elected position and made me a member of the Executive Board. This past May, when we couldn’t find someone to take on the role of Secretary, I filled that position too – which is really too many roles for one person and restricts the board from enjoying a full committee with unique ideas.

The thing about the Executive Board is that it has been running like a finely tuned society for over 75 years! Beverly is about to be our 40th  President! And best of all, we all help each other figure things out. Joining the board means you are carrying on the work set by our predecessors and delivering on the NYSBS mission. Please consider the talent and skills you have, along with your love of button collecting, and seriously consider becoming the newest member of our Executive Board. 

NEEDED:  Secretary

In order for the New York State Button Society to be successful, we need volunteers to participate on the Executive Board. Each role is for a term of 2 years and elections are held in May during the NYSBS Annual Show.

The secretary keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of the Society at all meetings. The Secretary has great verbal and written communication skills as well as attention to detail. The Secretary must be comfortable using a word-processing program to type the meeting notes (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) and must be comfortable sending and receiving emails.

NEEDED: 2nd Vice President
The 2nd VP position is a leadership role that leads to being President of the NYSBS after completing a 2-year term as 2nd VP and a 2-year term as 1st VP. The 2nd VP must have a sincere desire to develop leadership skills to promote and drive the mission of the NYSBS. Strong communications, organizational skills, and the ability to lead a team are also important. The 2nd VP will attend and fully participate in Board and Presidents meetings, complete special assignments from the Executive Board or at the request of the President, and develops an advertising plan in order to promote and grow the NYSBS, Membership, and the Show.

Any of the current board members would welcome a conversation about any of the Executive Board positions – no strings attached. Feel free to call or email us today.

Cindy Clauss, NYSBS Webmaster, Bulletin Editor, and Secretary

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