The Awards List for the 2019 New York State Show has been updated and is the final list.  Check it out.

This year we are celebrating the inception of the New York State Button Society. The club was established 75 years ago, in 1943.  Imagine collecting buttons back then.  Buttons were plentiful, but not plastic (yet).  If you wanted to research vintage or antique buttons, you had to go to the local library. Correspondence relating to buttons between far away friends was done via postal mail.   Thankfully, local button clubs cropped up, enabling people interested in collecting, the opportunity to share their passion.  The goal of the society has been the same for 75 years:  Educating and engaging the community in learning, preserving and having having fun sharing in the common interest of collecting an everyday household item that’s been keeping us fastened, closed and decorated since prehistoric times.


We have clubs throughout the state where you can learn about button makers, types, materials, and their fascinating history.


Learn the best way to preserve, care for and store buttons based on the material(s) the button is made of. Discover how to tell when a button has “gone bad.”

In 2017, the Albany Times Union  wrote a feature article about how volunteers from to local button clubs are helping to preserve the Capital Region’s button history in Troy, NY.  Check it out.


We share our knowledge in our communities with exhibits, shows and talks.

Joining a club brings you directly into a community of button lovers who are eager to share their knowledge of these miniature works of art.