The July 2022 New York State Button Society Bulletin was mailed to members at the end of June.
Featured in this edition:
– Collector Spotlight on Cathy Parke
– Summary of 2022 Awards and Award Winners
– A Look Back at the NYSBS 2022 Show
– My Button Buddy, Waitstill (Pat) Gardella
– Crafty Creations – Christmas in July

Plans for the April 28-30, 2023 NYSBS Show and Awards are Underway! Check out the preliminary 2023 awards using the new National Button Society Blue Book. 
Consider writing an award for 2023. 

The Half-Moon Button Club has been busy the last few months presenting programs and creating displays for the Bethlehem Library in Delmar, NY. Check out the photos of recent activities here.
At left, Sherry Roach standing next to the Library Display

We had a fabulous show! Thanks to our dealers, buyers, guests and volunteers who made it a success.  Check out the photos summarizing the 3 days of the show and the winning trays
At left, is a snapshot from the auction.

Collecting stories about why people collect buttons for posting here. 
Please consider filling out the  Button Collector Interview Form. You can answer the questions for yourself, or call a button friend, and ask them the interview questions.
Responses will be collected and posted here, for all to see. 




We have clubs throughout the state where you can learn about button makers, types, materials, and their fascinating history.



Learn the best way to preserve, care for, and store buttons based on the material(s) the button is made of. Discover how to tell when a button has “gone bad.”

In 2017, the Albany Times Union wrote a feature article about how volunteers from local button clubs are helping to preserve the Capital Region’s button history in Troy, NY.  Check it out.



We share our knowledge in our communities with exhibits, shows, and talks.

Joining a club brings you directly into a community of button lovers who are eager to share their knowledge of these miniature works of art.



Ours Juniors making Button Necklaces for a Mother’s Day gift.
From left: Sarah, Liam, Sophia, Chloe, Neil, Audrey & Teigan.  Missing from the picture but, still made a necklace is Esme.