Our annual button auction on Friday night provides financial support to our Society and a fun opportunity for our members to experience the thrill of participating in an auction that could result in winning button treasures.

A successful auction requires generous people to donate items. When donating, you have two choices:

1) You can donate an item and have 100% of the earnings, donated to the NYSBS
2) you can sell an item and have 20% of the earnings donated to NYSBS and you keep the remaining 80%.

Donations are collected at 2:30 PM on Friday of the show. Bring your item(s) to the designated room. Let the Auction chair know your donation choice.

Auction Donation Ideas: Make Everyone
Want It!
Preview and Bidding

Button Book(s)

Past NYS or National Bulletins

Cardboard or Frames for Mounting and Displaying Buttons

Button Jewelry

Note Cards or Other Items with a Button Theme.

Display the item in a special way, dress it up.

Include a description; where it came from, or other interesting facts.

If hand-made, add a tag with who made it.

If you are a seller, include your contact info for future sales.

7:30 – 8:00 PM:

Preview Auction items

Get a card for bidding.

8:00 PM:

Auction Begins.

You Won!

Pay the Treasurer with cash or a
check made out to NYSBS.

If you have questions about the auction, feel free to reach out to Show Chairperson, Jen Read at 315-559-2440


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