August 22, 2019: The NY State Button Society And The Finger Lakes Junior Button Club hosted a booth in the Arts and Crafts Building at the great NY State Fair.

What a fun day we all had talking to the many woman, men and children that stopped by to visit with us. People were very interested in the Rochester Button Factory, and many remembered the building from long ago. We talked with prospective new members and some leaders. The Juniors handed out buttons and coloring pages to the children that came by. They even met a little girl from Japan who was quite happy to get a button.

Talking to many prospective new members. From left to right: Kathy Doody, Cathy Parke, Deborah Hendrickson
Kathy Doody, Cathy Parke & Deborah Hendrickson who worked all day at the Fair and met so many wonderful people. Some were interested in joining the Button Society, others were asking about starting a club in their area where there are no clubs close by.
Buttons and information on display were loaned from Kathy, Cathy, Deborah, Elaine Baur & Amy Burgess.
At the Fair this year we focused on some buttons from NY State Button Factories. These buttons and photos are from the Rochester Button Company and were loaned to us from Linda Hickey. There are Vegetable Ivory & Leather Buttons.