A Video Interview by Ben Aaron – Lou Lou Buttons, NYC

Imagine my delight when a grammar school friend sent me a link to this six-minute video visit by Ben Aaron with the owners, Roz and Gary of Lou Lou Buttons in NYC. According to Aaron, Lou Lou Buttons is one of the last of its kind in the NYC fashion district. As I watched the video the first time through I was shocked that there were two buttons I acquired within the last 6 months which I was researching we little luck and the videographer actually panned past them while videoing. One of the buttons I featured in the January 2023 bulletin! Now I know who designed the buttons. Check out this fun romp through their shop. Just an FYI, this video is on Facebook.  

I bought this gold tone 1″ x 1 3/8″ button in Monterey California this past November at a shop called Slow Fiber. Imagine my surprise when at about 5 minutes into this video, I see this exact button! Now I know it is a modern button designed by Roz at Lou Lou Buttons and I can even purchase more if I want. I do wonder how it ended up on the opposite coast!

1 thought on “Lou Lou Buttons, NYC

  1. Great find and to have the video to go along with it is awesome. how lucky for you. Always great to hear little stories like this, gives button collectors confidence that surprises can be found when you least expect it.

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